Trades For Schools

What Is Trades for Schools?

Trades for Schools are courses specially designed by G&H Training for secondary school students wanting to try studying at a tertiary level and for a trade.

They are best suited for STAR and/or Gateway students planning a trades career.

Our courses comprise level 2 & 3 Automotive Unit Standards and level 3 Carpentry Unit Standards.

Please note: G&H Training’s short courses (Trades for Schools) are not NZQA registered programmes. However, all units do directly credit into industry qualifications.

How To Book:

  1. Schools make an enquiry on the courses we offer and information is supplied to the school by G&H Training
  2. G&H Training sends a MoU to the school to be signed. This clearly states what we are offering and what the school can expect from us (and vice versa)
  3. The schoold signs and returns the G&H Training MoU, confirming and booking arrangements
  4. G&H Training issues any resources to the school (if required) OR dates and course information is finalised

For more details contact:

Course Outlines

4 Day Practical Course

Students attend a 4 day course at one of our G&H Training branches, where they gain unit standards and complete a practical project in our workshop. Industries covered include, Carpentry, Automotive and Engineering (where available).

Theory – School Based Course

StudentsĀ are sent resources to study while at school, in school time and no physical contact with G&H Training is required. However, tutor support at your school for your students can be arranged at an additional cost. Packages include three unit standards in either Carpentry or Automotive and these are available in all regions.

Gateway Preparation Course

3 day courses held at one of our G&H Training branches, with flexibility of structure. Designed to cater for students entering their first year of Gateway, they gain 3 unit standards and practical skills to help them transition into Gateway and work experience in the future.

Pick & Mix Programme

From the units on offer, schools can choose the units that best suit the students needs.

Trade Introduction Course

A 2 day practical course held at one of our G&H Training branches exclusively for Year 10 students who are interested in signing up for STAR or Gateway in Year 11 and have an interest in the trades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start and and end times for practical courses?

Our 4 day practical courses start at 9am and end at 3.30pm each day. Alternative times can be arranged, but must be done so prior to the course.

How are the units for theory courses marked?

For our theory courses, the school sends the worksheet / formative assessments (and for Carpentry the BCITO theory resource) to G&H Training, to be marked by our tutors. If they require re-sits, we send them back to the school with instructions and so forth until the student has passed the unit.

Who reports the credits to NZQA?

The school is responsible for reporting all credits for all courses to NZQA using our provider code (9436/1) and is responsible for paying any costs involved with NZQA reporting and registering.

Do any of the theory and 4 day practical courses have to be done in order if students want to do more than 1?

No, there is no particular order or requirement to do the courses.

What assessments are required?

For carpentry, there is one closed-book, multi-choice formative assessment and one BCITO theory resource book per unit standard; both must be completed. For automotive there is one worksheet assessment per unit standard that must be completed. For some unit standards, depending on what course you are doing, there is a practical element that may be compulsory and will be assessed in a G&H Training workshop.