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About G&H Trainings E-Learning programme

All G&H Training's Carpentry students have access to our innovative e-learning programme. The programme has colour photographs, video's, interactive exercises and text that is easy to understand. It was designed to support your learning. The material is complimentary to the BCITO Theory Resource which contains students 'final assessments' for each unit, and is the theory resource that the BCITO recommend for all Carpentry learners.

Background to E-learning

G&H Training spent three years developing an innovative carpentry e-learning programme.  The programme contains all the theory unit standards in the National Certificate in Carpentry (L4).  It was created with the aim of providing an efficient and effective method to deliver this part of the National Certificate qualification, and to make the learning experience enjoyable and interesting for our learners.

Benefits of E-Learning

We believe, you, as a learner, benefit from this system by:

We also believe that e-learning in general (and our system in particular) can benefit the construction industry by:

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Computer Requiremens for E-learning

Before you Try to log on for the first time please ensure you have:

If you are trying to log on from the public library, an internet cafe, or someone else's computer - please check with the librarian, staff member, or person who owns the computer that the computer meets the above requirements AND they are happy for you to accept/change the ActiveX settings.

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